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Quick and easy to Add your House Exchange
02-10-2009, 09:18 AM,
Quick and easy to Add your House Exchange
Adding your House Exchange to the forums is quick and easy.

You can have one advert in the area you are living.

You don't need to advertise in areas you want. It's pointless and we have worked out the best ways to run a quick smooth service.

If people want to move to an area then that is where they will look. Therefore in theory your advert should only be viewed by people wanting your area.

Now add your exchange:-

Go the area/region you are living.
Click onto the number of bedrooms that you have got.
One this page you will see the posting rules at the top. Please follow them.
Once you are happy with the rules click the Post Thread button.
Fill out the title starting with Town/City, Postcode and then Property Type.
The second title area below is for your requirements.
The main big box/area is to right out your full advert content.
Just below the options you will see a browse button for adding photos.
Each time you add a photo you will see space used and how much is left.
When finished click Post Thread or Preview post to check it first.

Your advert will be posted but invisible until we take a look at it. We will check the advert and title against our rules and then if ok we will approve your advert.

You should be all done and that was quick and easy.

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